Your sleeping habits can affect your heart health

Good sleep for good health

The heart is significantly impacted when the body doesn’t get enough sleep. Research shows that poor sleep quality increases an individual’s risk of developing high blood pressure. You can feel the significant impact of quality sleep when you wake up feeling refreshed. Beyond that, quality sleep positively impacts your heart health, stress hormones, immune system, breathing, and mental status.


The recommended amount of sleep

The ideal amount of sleep varies from person to person. According to studies by the American Heart Association, most people need six to eight hours of sleep each day.


How to improve your sleeping habits

Are you concerned about your irregular sleep pattern? We have some simple tips that can improve your situation.

  • Exercise: Getting adequate exercise can improve sleep quality.
  • Avoid excess caffeine: stimulants, such as caffeine should be avoided, particularly before going to bed.
  • Visit our sleep clinic: Our team of specialists can diagnose and treat a wide array of sleep disorders. You can book an appointment here or call any of the following numbers: +234 808 211 4266, +2348035250205, +2348183762438 and +2348079000100

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