Stress and Heart Health

People experience and react to stress differently.
How much stress a person feels and how the person reacts to it can cause a wide variety of health issues— and that’s why it’s critical to know how to manage stress.

Excessive stress can lead to many health issues such as ulcers, hypertension, irritable bowel syndrome, increased heart rates, heart disease, and more.

Stress and Your Heart

Research to determine how stress directly contributes to heart disease is still ongoing but stress is known to contribute to habits and factors that increase the risk of heart disease such as; overeating, hypertension, smoking, high cholesterol and physical inactivity.

Some people choose to consume alcohol or smoke cigarettes as a coping mechanism for excessive stress, however, these habits can increase blood pressure and may damage the walls of our arteries. Managing stress is a good idea for a person’s overall health.

How to manage stress


Do Avoid
Exercises Stress eating
Maintain a Positive Attitude Eating very fast
Keep a healthy diet Smoke and/or Alcohol
Maintain a healthy weight Work Overload

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