July Newsletter-Letter to Patients.

July Newsletter

Letter to Patients.

Do Not Put Your Healthcare on Hold

Safeguards ensure your safety and comfort as we welcome you back for care.
Your healthcare needs did not disappear because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you have a chronic condition, need an annual check-up, have been putting off much-needed follow-up consultation, a cardiac health check or screening procedure, or have symptoms that require urgent attention First Cardiology Consults/FCC Healthcare is ready and able to meet your needs safely.

Why You Should Not Delay Care

If you have felt hesitant to seek care during this pandemic, you are not alone in this concern.  According to several studies, many people have skipped or delayed medical care because of the pandemic, with a large percentage of the people saying their condition worsened because of the delayed care.
Skipping or delaying care can have serious consequences: Ignoring chronic conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure can worsen the severity of the condition and can lead to other health problems. Well-checks and screenings such as colonoscopies can identify the disease before it can advance to later stages. Every minute matters during emergencies such as heart attack and stroke. Just a few minutes can mean the difference between a successful outcome and tragedy.

What We Have Done to Make Your Visit Safe

We, at First Cardiology Consults/FCC Healthcare, have adopted a stringent cleaning and disinfecting protocol. We provide a safe and clean environment through enhanced cleaning methods. Public spaces are cleaned throughout the day using approved high-level disinfectants. Germicidal disposable wipes that kill coronavirus are used on diagnostic equipment before and after every use. Your safety is our priority.
In addition, we have developed limited contact processes that include:

  • Patients are asked to wait in their cars until they are ready to be seen
  • Patients will be escorted directly to the exam room
  • Appointments are staggered to uphold social distancing
  • Preregistration is conducted by phone and payments collected remotely

All public spaces have been redesigned to encourage social distancing. Staff, patients and visitors are required to wear a mask and to undergo a COVID-19 screening process upon entering any building and we placed air filtration devices at strategic points around our hospital. .

Telehealth is Available if Needed

Telehealth allows patients to connect with their healthcare provider using the telephone, smartphone, computer, or other devices. Consultation is conducted in the privacy of your own home. Telehealth is a good option for managing routine healthcare if leaving home is inconvenient, if anxiety over leaving home exists, or if COVID-19 is suspected.

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